Welcome to The JavaScripting English Major. Here is a list of this course’s contents, session (or chapter) by session. If you’re uncertain about the course, start with the zeroth chapter, which introduces the course and answers some questions about it. Skip straight to the first chapter if you’re already motivated.

If you want to see what you’ll be able to create by chapter 15, look here. Also, the technical details and other information regarding this course are hidden on the “About” page.

0. Introduction & FAQs

Prerequisites / Why this course? / Why JavaScript? / More esoteric concerns, etc.

1. Setting up the Environment

Version control with Git / Editing plain text with Atom / Launching a JavaScript console from the browser

2. JavaScript Calculator

Introduction to JavaScript / Basic data types / Using JavaScript as a calculator / Assigning variables

3. Programming

Control flow / If statements / Embedding JavaScript in a webpage / While and for loops

4. Functions

Parameters / Scope / Recursion

5. Collections of Information

Arrays / Objects / Methods / Strings as arraylike things

6. Abstraction

Returning / Iterating / Arrays of Objects / Mapping and filtering

7. Oops!

JSHint / Mistakes / User error

8. Writing a Webpage

HTML / CSS / JQuery

9. Building a Dataset

Digital Canterbury Tales / JSON / Async

10. Leaflet

Web map structure / Tour of Leaflet / Working with coordinates

11. Starting a Geographical Data Project

Langston Hughes and African-American urban spaces / GeoJSON / Mapping “Could Be”

12. Writing Content with Markdown

Markdown / Hotlinking images / Rendering Markdown with JavaScript

13. Bootstrap Layout and Content

Creating containers for your project / Fitting the map

14. Integrating Leaflet with Events

Adding interactivity to the page / Triggering Leaflet events with jQuery / Creating rich popups / How did you do that?

15. Time to Go Live

Final styling / Activating GitHub Pages

Appendix A. Further Resources

Books / Websites / Videos